Are you looking for the best pool cleaning service in Weston? Are you tired with the less than professional cleaner service you have been receiving? If so it’s time to give Weston’s go-to professional pool management company Pipeline Pools for a free inspection and quote. With over 350 customers in Broward County and 10 very successful years in the business, Pipeline can offer you awesome pool cleaning and other services at an affordable rate.

Pool cleaning and regular maintenance are essential in lengthening the service life of your pool and providing a safe experience for you and your family. At Pipeline Pools we have developed a menu of weekly maintenance and cleaning services items designed to keep your pool in tip top shape.  We can custom design an effective pool cleaning and maintenance program tailored to your requirements.

Our weekly program includes:

  • Test water chemistry; add necessary chemicals to balance water
  • Backwash/clean pool filters as needed
  • Perform routine preventative maintenance on pumps/filters/chemical feeders, etc.
  • Brush walls/floors to remove any algae
  • Vacuum the pool to remove debris

Pipeline Pools – A Full Service Pool Management Company You Can Trust

We’ve always known that the keys to succeeding in the pool management business are superior service and building trust with the client base. Our total focus is to deliver affordable, professional service that will make us the homeowner’s sole source for all their pool cleaning, maintenance and repair services. To accomplish that we operate as a professional business, offer the best quality materials and supplies, employ knowledgeable and customer friendly technicians and provide great value.

Here are a few of the things that differentiate us from the competition:

  • Licensed by the Broward County Licensing and Permitting Division
  • Fully insured including workers’ compensation. If our employee is injured on your property his injuries are covered by our insurance not your homeowner’s policy.
  • All of our equipment, cars, chemical tanks etc. are in excellent condition with no leaks
  • Properly dispose of green water when emptying pool
  • A full line of services including pool cleaning, pool restoration, pool maintenance, pool repair and installation of pool equipment and lighting

If you want a reliable, no hassle professional pool maintenance company for all your pool needs, call us now!