Why hiring a “pool guy” over a licensed pool company to save money may wind up costing you a fortune

If you are in need of pool service or pool maintenance in Davie, you can save yourself exposure to liability, costly repairs and mind blowing medical costs if you take the time to select a licensed Florida contractor as your pool service. While you may consider taking care of your pool as a low tech, low skill service, you can avoid serious problems if you take a closer look.


Pools of course are very common in Davie and the rest of Broward County. They have to be serviced to ensure they are clean and safe for your family and friends, and to ensure the equipment isn’t damaged from lack of maintenance. Unfortunately there are contractors that are not responsible business people who think a pickup truck, a vacuum and a skimmer are the only tools needed to do the job.


Sometimes you might find one of these “pool guys” that works out for you. Maybe he worked for a qualified pool company before and is now trying to start out on his own. He may be reliable and he may do a great job but…when he trips and cracks his skull on your deck you are responsible for his medical and other expenses.


Why Davie Homeowners Need Licensed Pool Maintenance and Cleaning Services


When you invite a contractor on your property, be it a housekeeper, lawn care crew, child care or pool cleaning service you want to make sure they are a responsible business. The best way to ensure that is to insist on only using licensed firms like Pipeline Pools.


There are many advantages to using licensed contractors and they all start with insurance. If you are a licensed contractor in Broward County lile Pipeline Pools, you have to carry liability coverage including workman’s compensation.


That worker’s compensation is your first line of defense against paying for any injuries a contractor may suffer on your property.


Ducking medical expenses is important, but you have to also consider that not all businesses can get insurance. Insurance companies have underwriting standards and if a company has a history of bad credit or no history in the business or any other negative information, they may not be able to be licensed.


Then there’s the work. If your pool needs repair and you need a new pump or other piece of equipment, often times the warranties on that equipment require that it be installed by a trained professional for the warranty to be valid. If you have equipment failure and your “pool guy’s” professional experience is that he put in a similar pump at a neighbor’s last year, the warranty will probably not be honored.


Pool cleaning keeps your pool safe and your water clear. Pool maintenance gets the most life out of all your pool equipment. Pool repair and pool renovation require exceptionally experienced (and licensed) technicians to bring your investment back to prime condition.

If you have questions about licensing in Broward County, give us a call and we will be happy to help.