Miramar Pool Cleaning Experts Offer These Tips on Keeping Your Pool Safe

The Dangers of Dirty Pools and What You Can Do Miramar’s Pool Maintenance Experts Explains


In Miramar, pool cleaning and pool maintenance are serious subjects for homeowners who want to protect their family from the hazards that dirty pool water can bring. Understanding the risks associated with a dirty pool and how to eliminate them, is the first concern of a professional Miramar pool cleaner like Pipeline Pools. Here are a few of their tips on how you can help minimize the health risks that a dirty pool can represent.

Know What’s In There

The CDC says that the number one cause of pool-related outbreaks of rashes, intestinal disorders and diarrhea is Cryptosporidium or “Crypto.” These rugged bacteria can live in chlorinated water up to ten days. The number two culprit is another microscopic, chlorine resistant parasite called Giardia. The source of these bugs is the people who use the pool.

Not to be indelicate, but fecal material from diapers, dirty bathing suits and human urine are the principal contributors the two dangerous bacteria along with the rarer cases of E Coli. It’s also important to know that the warmer the water the faster the bacteria grow. Miramar’s summers are plenty warm and keeping a sharp eye on your pool’s chemical balance becomes even more important.


Know How to Deal With It

Generally speaking you should be able to look into the pool and see clearly to a depth of 10 feet. If the water looks cloudy and is not crystal clear, you have a problem. The best way to keep your pool healthy and free of harmful bacteria and algae is to conscientiously carry out a pool cleaning routine that includes:

  • Keeping chemical levels within recommended levels
  • Brush the walls and bottom of the pool on a weekly basis
  • Frequently check the flow meter to ensure the water is circulating properly
  • Empty the skimmers and line baskets of debris routinely
  • Follow a schedule to routinely shock the water
  • Toss a few tennis balls into the pool. They will attract and absorb sun screen and other oily substances swimmers bring into the pool.
  • Keep the deck swept and clean so debris and other contaminants don’t find their way into the pool on the feet of swimmers.

Your pool can be a great source of entertainment, exercise and even relaxation. Spend the time to keep it clean and healthy for you and your entire family to enjoy.

If you are like many Miramar homeowners, your schedule may be just too busy to get the pool maintenance done in a timely fashion. If that’s the case, call the Miramar pool cleaning experts at Pipeline Pools today and we will be happy to add you to our extensive list of satisfied customers.