Pembroke Pines Pool Maintenance Experts Provides 7 Steps for Keeping Your Pool Clean and Safe

Pool maintenance in Pembroke Pines doesn’t have to be difficult. It does however require a consistent effort on the part of the homeowner or a professional pool maintenance company like Pembroke Pine’s premiere pool cleaner service Pipeline Pools.

Pembroke Pines Pool Maintenance Cleaning

If you choose to maintain your pool yourself, Pipeline Pools offers up these 7 helpful tips to keep your pool crystal clear, sparkling and ready for your entire family to safely enjoy.

7 Tips for Routine Pool Cleaning in Pembroke Pines

  1. Skimming is the easiest and fastest way to keep a pool clean. Use a long handled net to scoop up leaves, cut grass, bugs and other debris that finds its way into the pool.Removing this debris improves the circulation of your pool and can reduce the requirement for chlorine. Skim every few days. If you get windy weather you’ll want to skim every morning.
  2. Just as easy as skimming is cleaning out strainer baskets at least once per week. Use a hose if necessary to get all the debris out. Clean baskets, like a clean water surface, will improve the circulation in your pool.
  3. Regardless how well you skim the surface, some of that dirt and debris is going to sink to the bottom of the pool. As a result, once a week you should vacuum your pool.Vacuums come in both manual and automatic models. The important thing is to use them regularly to help keep your pool clean.
  4. When you vacuum it is also a good idea to clean the sides of the pool to remove dirt and any mold or fungus. Be sure to consult with your pool manufacturer’s manual to determine what kind of brush and cleaning agent to use.
  5. Watch the water level. During the season your pool will lose water through evaporation but also through normal swimming activity like splashing and just getting out of the pool. Don’t let the water dip below the skimmer line or you may damage the skimmer pump. Use a simple garden hose to bring the level up.
  6. Test your water at least weekly to maintain the correct ph balance. Test kits are easy to use and pool chemicals are available at any pool supply store.
  7. Over time organic contaminates can accumulate and create chloramines which give off that powerful chlorine smell that people associate with pools. To correct this you need to add a significant amount of chlorine to "shock" the water back to normal. Check the pool manual to determine how often you should "shock" your pool.

If you simply don’t have the time to perform these cleaning tasks, or you are having maintenance trouble like a broken pump, call the Pembroke Pines pool experts at Pipeline Pools now and we will be happy to assist.