Cloudy Pool Water? Weston Pool Service Experts Explain Why and What You Can Do About

If the water in your pool is something other than crystal clear, you need to take a moment and check out these tips from Weston’s premier pool cleaner Pipeline Pools. Hazy or milky blue water in your pool is not only unattractive; it can be a signal that harmful bacteria are present. The good news is that hazy water can be restored to completely clear in a short period of time. The bad news is that there are over 50 causes of hazy water and you’ll need to know what they are and attack them systematically to restore your pool’s water.

Generally speaking there are three broad categories that can cause pool water problems; water chemistry, water contamination and faulty equipment. If you have a regular maintenance and cleaning routine, you’ll probably rarely have an issue with water clarity. However, if maintenance and pool cleaning is hit and miss, less than clear pool water is on your horizon.

Common Causes of Hazy Pool Water

Water chemistry is frequently the cause of less than pristine pool water. It really shouldn’t be because test kits are inexpensive and easy to use but there is something about “chemistry” that intimidates many pool owners.

Examples of bad water chemistry include:

  • Inconsistent chlorine levels
  • High pH levels
  • High alkalinity levels
  • High level of calcium
  • Adding more than one chemical to the pool at a time

Examples of water contamination include:

  • Remains from previous algae blooms
  • High levels of nitrates and/or phosphates
  • Natural debris; dust, leaves, insects etc.
  • Urine, sweat, bacteria, tanning oils, cosmetics, hair products etc. from swimmers
  • Runoff from nearby lawns or planters

Examples of faulty equipment:

  • Broken or clogged pump impeller
  • The pump is too large for the filter
  • Filter not being backwashed properly
  • Skimmer baskets full of debris
  • Air being introduced via pump leaks, low water levels, stuck skimmer weirs etc.

These examples are by no means a comprehensive list of hazy water causes. It’s also a bit misleading to clump them in groups as all the causes, and fixes, are interconnected.

Hazy pool water is a major turn off and it can signal health risks. The best way to avoid the problem is a solid pool cleaning routine and an understanding of which (and how much) chemicals to use as well as regular inspection of the pool equipment.

It takes effort and just as importantly, it takes time, a resource many of our customers run short of. If you want to ensure that your pool will always welcome your family and friends with crystal clear water, call Weston’s premiere pool cleaner now and discuss our pool cleaning/maintenance programs.