Davie Pool Water Maintenance Experts Offer These Tips on Keeping Your Water Clean, Clear and Safe

It’s summertime in Davie and that means the pool in the backyard is going to get a real workout and is going to require more pool cleaning and pool maintenance than Weston’s cooler "Season" climate. While pool maintenance and cleaning can get pretty involved, the number one consideration for your family’s health and enjoyment is the quality of the water.

Davie Pool Maintenance

Ideally your pool’s water should be crystal clear and have no scent. However, it’s summer and stuff happens. Stuff like torrential afternoon rains and humans shedding skin oil, sun block and shampoo along with a sun beating down with chemical altering UV rays. Keeping the water in your pool clean and chemically balanced is a must do to safely enjoy the swim.

Weekly pool maintenance in a nutshell

From the experts at Weston’s premiere pool service company, Pipeline Pool come these helpful tips on how to keep your pool water crystal clear and safe:

  • Ensuring your pool water is chemically balanced is not rocket science. You can get all the chemicals and testing material at any pool supply store. What you have to provide is a dry place to store them and, most importantly, the commitment to spend the time doing the pool cleaning chore on a timely basis.
  • During the summer months you want to test the pool balance twice per week. Check the alkalinity first, then the bromine or chlorine, then the PH. Adjust the balance using the instructions on the kit. If you are using chlorine you can make adding the chemical easy by dispensing it in a floating chlorine dispenser.
  • Once a week you want to "shock" the pool. A shock is basically giving your pool an overdose of chlorine. Chlorine is diminished by the sun’s UV rays and by heavy use. Shocking should be done in the evening when the sun isn’t directly hitting the water and when people are not in the pool. Shock kits are available and the process is pretty simple.
  • The morning after the "shock" you want to add an algaecide and then test the water and ensure it is in balance. Your pool should be clear and have no chlorine scent.
  • Basically through the summer you want to test twice a week and shock once a week to keep the water in your pool at its optimum. When the weather cools off you can back off the schedule to testing once a week and shocking every 2 or 3 weeks depending on how much use the pool gets.

The key of course is making the time to provide the pool maintenance required. If you don’t have the time or you just prefer not to have to worry about water quality, give us a call today.