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4 Reasons You Should Choose a Variable Speed Pool Pump from Weston’s Pool Service Experts

If it’s time to replace your pool pump, take a look at these great ideas from Weston’s premiere pool pump company, Pipeline Pools. Installing the right variable speed pump can save you some serious money and will provide you with an efficient, clean pool operation for years to come.

For most people, Weston’s “pool season” is nearly year-round. That means, unlike most of the rest of the country, your pump is sucking up electricity 12 months a year. Each month your FPL bill is going to include a big chunk for the energy required to operate your pump. If you have a single speed pump, switching to a variable speed model can shave 75% to 90% off your electric bill depending on the number and type of features your pool has.


4 Reasons Weston Pool Owners Should Install a Variable Speed Pump

variable speed pool pump weston

Let’s start with the basics. Pools have various “features” like filtration, suction cleaning, spa, etc. each of which have different water flow requirements (filtration has the lowest, spa the highest). Single speed pumps typically run at a speed equal to the highest water flow requirement. In other words the single speed pump is turning the same number of RPMs required for spa service even when it is performing the lower filtration function.


That’s not a terribly efficient operation and that inefficiency is reflected on your FPL bill.


  1. So, here’s the thing. A variable speed pump system will cost about double what a single speed will. However, because you can set the speed to match the “feature” requirement you will be using significantly less electricity. For example, a single speed pump may always be running at 3400 RPM to accommodate the spa feature. With a variable speed you can schedule the pump to run at 1200 RPM for the filtration feature and then, using a digital control interface, schedule specific times and speeds for other features. This operational efficiency will recover the difference in purchase price in a single year. Each year after that is money in your pocket.
  2. Variable speed pumps are sealed and typically last three times longer than a single speed pump. The savings are obvious. You would have to purchase three single speed pumps in the time it takes to wear out a single variable speed pump.
  3. Variable speed pool pumps are quieter than single speed pumps. Variable speed pool pumps can run at lower, quieter speeds during filtration which is the bulk of the day. Enjoy your pool without annoying pump noise.
  4. Adaptability is not an issue with most modern variable speed pumps. Replacing a single speed pump is a quick and easy job for the professional installers at Pipeline Pools.


Pipeline Pools has a full line of variable speed pumps capable of handling all of your pool’s features regardless of size and shape. And for a limited time, some pumps are offering rebates for installations made during this season. If you have questions or need more information give us a call today and we will be happy to help.