Weston’s Pool Maintenance Expert Offer these Tips on Pool Vacuums

Weston’s Pool Maintenance Experts Offer these Tips on Pool Vacuums

Keeping your pool clean is essential to enjoying it safely. Vacuuming is a big part of keeping it clean. Many pool vacuums are designed to stay inside your pool and travel along the surface of on their own, picking up dirt and other similar particles. The vacuum then disposes the debris directly into the filter. Pool vacuums get pretty costly but you will find over time that they are a good investment. They can save you a good deal of time and effort.

Types of Pool Vacuums

Certain vacuums are designed to get their suction by working off the pools the main pump. There are others are with motors and pumps of their own. The advantage of using a vacuum that has it’s own power is that in the event there is a problem with your pool’s pump you can still vacuum and keep your pool clean while the pool pump is being repaired.

Manual pool vacuums general have 3 parts; a telescopic pole, a hose and a head. Start by attaching the vacuum head to the pole. The pole will assist you in maneuvering the vacuum around the surface of the pool collecting debris. Once you have the head attached to the pole you can then connect the hose to the head. Hold the vacuum head and hose in the pool. Put the end you are holding close to the pool’s water intake. The hose will start to sink once you fill it with water and you will start to notice the suction. At this point you can connect the skimmer and the hose and you are ready to go.

There are 3 common styles of pool vacuums:
• pressure-side
• robotic pool
• suction-side


The suction-side vacuums are ideal for pools with sizeable amounts of dirt and are powered by water pressure. Pressure-side pool vacuums are available with or without a booster pump. Robotic vacuums are the easiest to use and are mostly automatic. They are also the most expensive.

Nobody likes a dirty pool. Your pool’s hygiene can effect both your enjoyment of it as well as the health of your family. Be sure to vacuum regularly.